President Pendarovski Delivers Online Address at Crimea Platform Summit

On Wednesday, President Stevo Pendarovski delivered an online address at the Third Summit of the International Crimea Platform, which this year, is of hybrid nature, due to the situation in Ukraine.

As he said, not only is respecting the principles of justice essential to victims and their families, but also it is a key step towards reconciliation, once the preconditions for that stage are met.

“Today, when we confirm our position on non-recognition of the illegitimate annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and of the other parts of Ukraine, I would like to turn the attention to the deteriorated human rights state in Crimea,” he said. As the President added in that regard, it mustn’t be allowed for that state to persist in an uncontrolled manner because it undermines the local political community’s structure itself. “The world has to deal with these crimes with a sense of greatest urgency and collective action,” Pendarovski noted.