President Pendarovski describes Outcome of Brussels meeting as Shock

In an interview with Alpha TV, President Stevo Pendarovski says that the outcome of the meeting in Brussels was a shock to everybody. “At the leaders’ meeting on Sunday, all parties, regardless of whether they are part of the Government or the opposition, had same sentiments and stand: ‘we delivered on everything asked of us and suddenly, the EU tells us we’re still not ready’,” the President tells the Greek TV station.  In the interview, he mentions the Prespa Agreement. “Since 2009, in all European Commission reports, and afterwards, in all European Union communiques, they’d been saying there was only one unresolved issue, the years-long dispute over the name between us and your country. We solved it with the Prespa Agreement and the EU suddenly tells us we’re not ready because we should first make some internal reforms. That was neither honest nor just for everyone deeply involved in this process,” Pendarovski points out.