President Pendarovski Presents Stand on Developments Related to Bulgaria

According to President Stevo Pendarovski, North Macedonia cannot open the Constitution whenever someone asks for that. He says that there can be discussions, but there aren’t guarantees that some future ruling structure in Bulgaria will be without other demands, too. Nobody is against Bulgarians becoming part of the Constitution, but it’s a problem whether that would be the last demand by Sofia, in his view. Pendarovski’s position is that there has been a turnaround when it comes to Sofia’s stands on Skopje’s EU road. Previously, to give a green light, Bulgaria previously had been insisting on a complete takeover of Bulgaria historiography by textbooks in North Macedonia and consent that Macedonian had been a dialect of Bulgarian until the end of World War II. Regarding the opening of the Club in Bitola, the responsibility falls to North Macedonia’s institutions, which allowed registration under Vancho Mihailov’s name, Pendarovski says.