Presidential race: PM Zaev and BESA’s Kasami hold Meeting

On Thursday, PM Zoran Zaev held a meeting with BESA leader Bilall Kasami about the open issue of reaching consent on a consensual presidential candidate. “If we give consent to a consensual presidential candidate, that support will not be unconditional. We are closer to Alliance for Albanians leader Ziadin Sela’s stands than to the ones of the government. All options will be reviewed,” the BESA leader pointed out. Zaev said he hoped he will receive BESA’s support. The same day, the only candidate within the frameworks of SDSM’s competition for the presidential elections, former ambassador Gjorgji Filipov, said he would make a good consensual candidate. “I know what I need to do if elected,” he said. Regarding the chances of becoming a candidate, he stated that it would be better to wait and see how the whole procedure would end. The presidential race was also one of the topics discussed at the meeting between DUI MP Artan Grubi and French Ambassador in Skopje Christian Thimonier. “The country needs a candidate that unites all citizens, all communities and seeks everyone’s vote, not a monoethnic party candidate,” the DUI member pointed out.