Priebe: Macedonia willing to Implement Reforms

In an interview for Deutsche Welle (DW) in Macedonian, the German Law Expert and the Head of the Expert Groups in the European Commission for Macedonia Reinhard Priebe says that he is convinced that Macedonia is willing to implement all recommendations in terms of rule of law. “As a witness from the side, I am getting an impression that the Macedonian Government is involved in the entire process very seriously, and works intensively on improving conditions in the judiciary. It is true that the adoption and implementation of the Prespa Agreement is in the main focus of the media and the public, but I would be very surprised if the authorities would reveal that the other reformation processes are lagging behind or are not paid attention to at all. It is a real surprise that an EU member-state granted asylum to a third party, and in an extremely short period of time,” Priebe said for DW.