Prosecutors still Working on Tetovo Hospital Fire Case

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday that members of the Tetovo Prosecutor’s Office were still working on the Tetovo hospital fire case, in which 14 people had been killed. The investigation is still in direction of gathering material and verbal evidence to determine criminal accountability. “Public prosecutors taking action to solve the causes of the fire are acting intensively. The ordered expertises, including the expertise from the experts from the Republic of Germany, are expected to arrive at the Prosecutor’s Office. Once the material and verbal evidence is gathered, prosecutors will consider and analyse it. It will be determined whether and where there is criminal accountability, after which a decision will also be made on the further course of the procedure,” the Office said in response to a request from journalists in Tetovo. On 5 October, the Office had published a report. As it was said, everything started in the moments when the team of doctors started resuscitation of a COVID patient, when there was a power strip short circuit.