Protest March in Tetovo Turns Violent, 4 Police Officers Injured

Protest march was held in Tetovo on Friday, from which the participants demanded responsibility for the 14 lives lost during the fire in the Tetovo modular hospital, which occurred on 8 September. The gathering place was the town square in Tetovo, where one of the citizens held an address, saying that he had come because his sister had died in the fire and that he was “seeking responsibility from the entire Government and the mayor of Tetovo”, because, according to him, the work of the hospital was authorized without the necessary documentation. The group stayed at the square for about fifteen minutes and started moving towards the building of the Municipality of Tetovo. Banners were displayed, and one of the messages was pasted on the door of the municipality. DUI strongly condemned the phrases shouted by the protestors, which called for violence and were derogatory to women. DUI also called on their political opponents not to play with the feelings of citizens and thus not to open the wounds of family members. DUI also condemned the verbal gender-based violence and brutal slogans used by the organizers. At the same time, Alliance for Albanians released a statement denying involvement in the organization of the event, saying it was caused by the revolt of the citizens who demand justice.