PS Xhaferi: Constitutional changes Matter to be settled by Mid-January

PS Talat Xhaferi believes that the constitutional changes matter resulting from the Prespa Agreement will be settled by mid-January. That, as he said on Tuesday, will open an opportunity for the name deal ratification law to be sent to the Official Gazette together with the one on languages without a signature by President Gjorge Ivanov. The constitutional changes will be held on 9 January. “The expectations are for the whole procedure to be ended and for the amendments to be adopted by 15 January,” the PS stated. According to him, the experience has shown that the debate isn’t supposed to last more than 5-6 days. “However, the way it is announced, the non-presence of the opposition leaves a possibility of it ending sooner, too. In any case, that matter will be settled by the mid-January. That will open the path for the two laws to go to the Official Gazette,” Xhaferi underlined. Asked to comment on Ivanov’s refusal to sign the two documents, the PS said the President had an obligation to do that because Parliament’s will couldn’t be obstructed, adding that it would be realised. The PS also commented on the initiative for a law on MPs’ privileges. “One cannot be an MP for four years and then dumpster dive,” he pointed out. Though the PS didn’t deny the initiative’s existence, he said he couldn’t comment until he saw the law’s text.