PS Xhaferi Schedules Local Election for October 2021

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi signed on Friday the Declaration for the 2021 Local Election, the first round of which is to take place on 17 October. “Today I signed the declaration for the Local Election of mayors and municipal council members of all municipalities and the City of Skopje. The pre-electoral campaign is to start 20 days before the date of the first round of the election, and the Parliament will not be active in that period, to allow political parties to dedicate their capacities to the pre-electoral campaign,” PS Xhaferi said. In meantime, the State Electoral Commission (SEC) informed that as soon as possible they will sign a contract with the German company “Dermalog” for procurement of fingerprint scanning terminals which will be used for registration of voters at the upcoming local election. “We were recently informed that the appeal filed by one of the companies that applied on the tender for terminals is officially rejected by the State Commission for Appeal to Public Procurements. This means that nothing prevents us from signing the contract with “Dermalog” for procurement of the first 200 terminals which are necessary for conducting trainings among the members of SEC which will work with them during the election. A total number of 4,000 terminals will be procured, and they will be used for all future electoral cycles in the country. The procurement will cost the state 11.2 million euros,” said SEC President Aleksandar Dastevski. On Sunday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski wrote on Facebook that MoI submitted to SEC their fingerprint database.