Public Health Sector Doctors Demand Higher Salaries

Doctors in the public health sector said on Thursday there were extremely revolted by health authorities regarding their pay.

“Judges are paid two times more, but trust of the public in the sector is just 2%. It’s high time for us to be properly rewarded for our work,” it was pointed out on Thursday. A so-called doctor’s board in the frames of the Independent Trade Union of the Clinic Centre is being formed.

The Trade Union’s demands alignment of the coefficient, increased in relation to the minimum salary, which will cost the Ministry just two million euros. Though they welcomed the increase of 10% for the September salary and annual leave allowance, they said it was not enough, compared to salaries of doctors and medical personnel in countries in the neighbourhood.

A solution is needed, it was pointed out, also to problems facing residents and over 1,500 employees that are still not getting the guaranteed minimum salary of 20,000 denars.