Public Session over 2015 Kumanovo Clashes Case

At Wednesday’s public session, the defence of those convicted in the trial over the 2015 Kumanovo clashes called on the Supreme Court to annul the verdict due to, as it was said, substantial violations of the criminal procedure before the first and second-instance court, as well as the wrongly determined factual situation and violation of the Criminal Code. The defence considers that there should be a retrial in the frames of the Criminal Court or the verdict to be changed into an acquittal. Lawyer Naser Raufi, who talked about Amdi Krasniqi and Dem Shehu, pointed to, in his view, multiple substantial violations of the criminal procedure by both the Criminal Court and the Court of Appeals. As he stated, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti himself said in an interview that he talked to a defendant. “If we had been allowed to make that conversation part of the evidence, it would have been determined that Krasniqi and Shehu weren’t organisers at all. I think these two life sentences are unfounded because it is known who commanded the action – those were the late Beg Rizaj and Mirsad Ndrecaj,” Raufi pointed out.