Racketeering case: Janeva to answer Questions After she Sees evidence

Ex-Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, a suspect in the Racketeering case, doesn’t want to answer Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska’s questions about Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Milevski’s racketeering. She wants to first see the evidence in the case. Contrary to expectations, her interrogation on Tuesday didn’t last long. According to her lawyers, it’s in admissible for there to be a hearing process when an investigation is finished. Because of the closed investigation, the former Special Prosecutor’s defence will request for her to be released from detention. In its view, Janeva can no longer influence witnesses in the procedure. The lawyers, Irena Frckoska and Deljo Kadiev, didn’t want to answer the question about where the money from the racketeering was. They said they didn’t have a chance to talk about the letter sent to the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) from Janeva about the money from the so-called black fund being used to pay them. The same day, The Criminal Court accepted the defence’s proposal for the second suspect, Zoran Milevski, to be released from detention. He will be transferred to house arrest. Monday also saw the processes over former SPO cases continue. According to the defence and the defendants in the Titanic case, the fact that Prosecutor Lile Stefanova has been authorised to run the cases is illegal.