“Racketeering” Suspect Jovanovski Taken to Hospital due to Health Issues

The suspect in the “Racketeering” case Bojan Jovanovski was taken from the Sutak Prison to the Public Prosecution for Organised Crime (PPOC) to provide a statement in relation to the case. However, such thing did not occur because once he came to PPOC, Jovanovski’s health condition complicated. His lawyer Saso Dukovski told the media that his client was in a very bad condition. “When I came to PPOC, he was in the bathroom, constantly vomiting. We called an ambulance and we took him to the City Hospital 8 September. Due to the health complications, Jovanovski did not provide his statement on the “Racketeering” case,” Dukovski said. After he was treated at the hospital, Jovanovski was returned to the Sutka Prison. In meantime, the lawyers of former SPO Head Katica Janeva, another suspect in the “Racketeering” case, reported that she has decided to not provide statement to PPOC.