Radev Organizes Conference on Relations with North Macedonia

North Macedonia has no alternative but the European one, but Bulgaria cannot compromise on the rights of the Macedonian Bulgarians and the historical truth,” said Bulgarian President Rumen Radev at a conference on relations between the two countries. This was stated at a conference in Sofia, dedicated to relations between the two countries, on the anniversary of the death of Goce Delcev. Radev acknowledged that Bulgaria was under enormous pressure from the international community to lift its veto. “All methods are used for lobbying and pressure on Bulgaria through our allies and European institutions to lift the veto on the start of negotiations for North Macedonia’s EU membership. Paradoxically, the pressure on Sofia is greater than on Skopje,” said Radev. He reiterated that Bulgaria should lift the veto on the start of negotiations with the EU after the Bulgarians enter the Macedonian Constitution, because that would resolve the open issues between the two countries and Sofia, according to him, will not lead to a situation as he says to make a one-sided and difficult compromise.