Rama Invites Ethnic Albanian Party Leaders from North Macedonia to Meeting

Leaders of ethnic Albanian parties in North Macedonia have been invited to a meeting with Albania’s PM, Edi Rama. According to reports from Albania, the leaders of DUI (Ali Ahmeti), Alliance for Albanians (Arben Taravari), DPA (Menduh Thaci), Alternative (Afrim Gashi), and BESA (Bilall Kasami), have been invited to the meeting, scheduled for Tuesday in Tirana. Media in Albania also said the discussion would concern the political developments in North Macedonia and other, current issues in the region. Part of the parties have confirmed the information for North Macedonia’s public broadcaster, MTV. First Deputy PM Artan Grubi says it’s about a holiday evening and cocktail reception, not about a working meeting with some determined agenda. He confirms that his party, DUI, will participate. Alternative and Alliance for Albanians, too, have confirmed they will participate, while Kasami has told several web media BESA is thinking.