Reactions to Adoption of Criminal Code Changes Continue

According to PM Dimitar Kovacevski, the changes to the Criminal Code aim at alignment with EU regulations. As he pointed on Friday, there is no deal on pardons. Kovacevski stated that the changes would modernise the Code, result in more efficient trials, concretise crimes, and see confiscation of illegally acquired assets.

The same day, VMRO-DPMNE, commenting on President Stevo Pendarovski’ decision to sign the decree concerning the changes, said he had become “an accomplice in the pardoning over major scandals”.

Supreme Court President Dobrila Kacarska she was surprised by the changes, adding that she disagreed with them, especially not over such crimes. There were reactions to the adoption of the changes on Saturday, too.

The State Department told Voice of America Macedonian that corruption had the potential to undermine the country’s strategic ambitions, asking for North Macedonia to deliver on its promises to fight corruption.