Reactions to Bulgaria’s Memorandum Continue

The Government’s stand is that the treaty with Bulgaria creates a legal framework and provides instruments to manage bilateral relations. Commenting on the Memorandum, it said on Thursday that the individuality of the Macedonian language and ethnic identity was an undisputed fact. Claims and statements containing insults don’t lead to friendship, it was added. VMRO-DPMNE’s Antonijo Milososki’s proposal is that Parliament in Skopje should adopt a joint declaration in which, inter alia, the identity of the Macedonian people and the individuality of the Macedonian language would be jointly confirmed and affirmed as part of the European values. SDSM considers that bilateral disputes with Bulgaria will not be an obstacle on the EU path. The Foreign Ministry is without an official reaction to the document. Minister Bujar Osmani didn’t reveal what the response to Sofia’s positions would be. “It’s not the time for negative rhetoric,” he said.