Reactions to Drin Ahmeti’s Purchase of Soravia Continue

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski stated that the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office (BPPO)
can open an investigation against DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, Drin Ahmeti, over his purchase of
the Soravia shopping centre. “The information recently revealed about that business deal
allow the state institutions authorised for investigating financial flows and eventual criminal
activities to investigate the entire case, and after that BPPO may be able to initiate further
proceedings,” Spasovski said. From BPPO they that, for now, they cannot open investigation
by rumour against Drin Ahmeti. “BPPO continues to carefully follow the developments
around this case. However, at the moment we can only act upon a report from institutions
like the Finance Police Department, the Financial Investigations Department at the Interior
Ministry, the Public Revenue Office etc. BPPO can open a case by rumour only if the
institutions responsible for investigation of criminal activities do not act in accordance with
their authorisations,” they state from BPPO.