Reactions to Greater Albania Flag and Renaming of Street in Cair Continue

The reactions to the waving of the flag of so-called Greater Albania in Tetovo and the renaming of Vtora Makedonska Brigada Street to Adem Demaci Street in Cair during Kosovan PM Albin Kurti’s visit to Skopje has continued to spark reactions.

On Monday, SDSM’s Tetovo office said the “coalition” of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and Tetovo Mayor and BESA leader Bilall Kasami in the city was promoting divisions, nationalism, and provocations, in addition to creating tensions.

In response, VMRO- DPMNE said whether PM Dimitar Kovacevski was ashamed that he’d voted in favour of the renaming of the Street in 2021, during his term as Deputy Finance Minister. Kasami himself voiced a stand, too, saying the political rhetoric over the past days had nothing to do with Kurti’s visit.

“It is related to concern that the opposition Albanians in the Republic of North Macedonia are joining forces and counting the days of this government of crime and corruption,” he pointed out.

Alternative criticised President Stevo Pendarovski, saying that based on his reaction, it seemed that he was “courting DUI” in order for the party to support him for another presidential term.