Reactions to Ilinden Uprising Day celebration

According to VMRO-DPMNE, the Government shamefully kidnapped the Ilinden Uprising Day celebration. The celebration, the opposition party said on Saturday, was politicised. As it was added, not only were there issues with parts of the speeches delivered by statespersons, but also the delegation of the party led by Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski was unfairly booed. On the other hand, the Government described the celebration as statespersonlike. “The PM’s speech was based on messages for unification and reconciliations. The recommendation is for the opposition to once again read to speech to see what a speech calling for reconciliation means,” it responded, adding that all party delegations had been treated equally. SDSM, on its part, considers that VMRO-DPMNE is causing divisions also during the holiday which should unite. The public has especially debated whether there were chants “North, North” at the event at Meckin Kamen and whether that’s fake news or whether that was provoked by another group that was chanting “Never North, only Macedonia”.