Reactions to Ivanov’s speech in Parliament

Commenting on Gjorge Ivanov’s address to Parliament, the Government said the President continued to divide Macedonia’s citizens and obstruct their progress by spreading lies and hate. As it was added in the press-release, Ivanov can only talk about his mandate’s failure because Macedonia is set on the success road. “Ivanov is a politician that isn’t committed to Macedonia’s strategic interest,” the Government pointed out.  SDSM, too, levelled criticism. “The President has for 10 years been a puppet of VMRO-DPMNE and the good news is that he will leave next year,” the ruling party stressed. DUI presented a similar stand. Ali Ahmeti’s party is of the opinion that it’s good that Friday’s was the last annual address. VMRO-DPMNE, on the other hand, described Ivanov as a consistent politician that adheres to the principles because of which citizens voted for him.