Reactions to Kumanovo Basic Court Fire

Commenting on the Kumanovo Basic Court fire, which, as several media reported, claimed part of the archives, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said on Tuesday that people from the Department of Criminalistic and Technical Examinations and Expertise from Skopje would be participating in the insight to locate the cause and what had burned down. In the morning, Judicial Council President Sasko Georgiev had gone outside the Court to offer to the head of institution additional engagement by other services too in order for the fire to be put out successfully. In coordination with the Supreme Court and Justice Ministry, the Council is trying to find a solution that will see the Court resume its work, considering the fire has damaged part of the electrical installation. Tuesday also saw Justice Minister Lloga issue a press-release asking for accountability for the acting head of the Kumanovo Court and alleging that the Council had been stalling for five months and not taken measures to determine accountability and take action against her for the found abuse of the automated court case management system.