Reactions to Latest Assault over Bulgarian Club in Ohrid Continue

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski condemned the latest assault over the premises of the Bulgarian culture club Tsar Boris in Ohrid on Wednesday evening. “When these clubs were opened, I warned that the names chosen for them may provoke reactions since they evoke negative sentiments among some of our citizens. These clubs are open in order to bring the two countries and the people of the two countries closer together, and I call upon our citizens to act civilised and with dignity, as it is suitable for citizens of a country that is a member of NATO and negotiating for accession in the EU,” PM Kovacevski said. European Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi condemned the incident. “Any assault over any community in North Macedonia should be investigated by the police and the government. I hope the government in Skopje will act accordingly, and like in the previous case of this type, will find and apprehend the perpetrators,” Varhelyi said, adding that he is ready to meet representatives of Bulgarian organisations in North Macedonia.