Reactions to Memorial Tower in Slupcane

The event organized by the municipality of Lipkovo was attended by the party leadership of DUI. From party leader Ali Ahmeti to government ministers and Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani says that they were invited as guests in Slupcane and that it was not a DUI party activity. “Yesterday’s event in Lipkovo was not a party activity. I am informed that the municipal authorities have followed all the procedures for that memorial. We were guests at the mayor and I do not see anything controversial there,” said Osmani. VMRO-DPMNE accused that SDSM is silent about, as they say, the DUI celebration in Lipkovsko. “The event in Lipkovo is another in a series of evidence that the real title for Kovacevski is the “contractor”, because it is more than obvious that Ali Ahmeti is the real Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia,” said Dimce Arsovski, Spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE.