Reactions to Mijalkov’s Alleged Escape Continue

British Ambassador to Macedonia Rachel Galloway said while answering journalists’ questions concerning the events around the alleged escape of former Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration Director Saso Mijalkov that laws should be respected and implemented so that the citizens have trust in the system. “It is important for the institutions of the state to successfully resolve cases of this kind, because only that way they may return and maintain the trust of the citizens. The United Kingdom remains a strong supporter of the reforms in the field of judiciary and fight against crime and corruption in North Macedonia,” Galloway said during her visit of Stip. From SDSM they reiterated the statements given by PM Zoran Zaev on Tuesday evening concerning Mijalkov’s alleged escape. “Thanks to the adequate and fast response by the institutions of the state, Mijalkov was prevented to leave the country and had no choice but to turn himself in and end in house arrest,” said SDSM MP Kostadin Kostadinov. From VMRO-DPMNE they believe that the justice system in Macedonia has never been as corrupted as today. “This was all just one big deal between the government and Mijalkov for throwing a show before the public that institutions can allegedly deal with problems,” said VMRO-DPMNE Vice-president Aleksandar Nikolovski. AA leader Ziadin Sela also said that the entire situation that occurred in the past three days shows that there is some kind of a deal between the government and Mijalkov.