Reactions to Pardon Draft-Law Continue

On Monday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski reiterated his personal stand that the pardon law will not solve prison problems.

On the other hand, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Maricic believes that it can help solve the prison overcrowding issue.

DUI supports the text, presenting a stand that the law will result in more humane conditions in prisons.

According to BESA, however, the different stands of those part of the ruling majority is yet another confirmation that the Draft-Law is related to political motives of certain circles within the Government.

When it comes to VMRO-DPMNE, party leader Hristijan Mickoski, who met his MPs, said the position was that SDSM and DUI wanted to pardon criminals because they hoped they would help them in criminal scenarios for the election campaign for the parliamentary and presidential elections.