Reactions to Trifonov’s Statement about North Macedonia Continue

VMRO-DPMNE MP and President of the National Council for Euro-integration Aleksandar Nikoloski demanded reaction on behalf of official Skopje against the controversial statements of Bulgarian politician Slavi Trifonov in relation to North Macedonia. According to Nikoloski, these statements are rather alarming, since Trifonov’s party “There Is Such A People” proposed the new Foreign Affairs Minister in the Bulgarian government. On the other hand, SDSM MP Zekir Ramcilovic sees Trifonov’s statements as his personal positions and views which have nothing to do with the negotiations between Skopje and Sofia and the UE integration of the former. Bulgarian party leaders from the ruling alliance there distanced themselves from the positions of Trifonov. Andrey Gyurov from “We Continue The Change” said that the alliance has a clear strategy about how to conduct the negotiations with Skopje in the spirit of the Good-Neighbourliness Agreement from 2017, while Vice-president of the Bulgarian Parliament Kristian Vigenin said that the agreement for alliance between their parties includes clear and defined position concerning the EU integration of North Macedonia. Trifonov caused a stir in Bulgaria after he wrote on Facebook that official Sofia can lift the blockade for Skopje’s EU integration only after EU includes Bulgaria in the Schengen Zone and after the US abolish visas for Bulgarian citizens.