Referendum: 862 applications Filed by Diaspora members so far

Through the web application 862 applications by citizens for voting at Macedonia’s diplomatic-consular missions abroad were filed by 2 pm on Wednesday. 836 have been accepted, 19 have been rejected, while the rest are being processed. Most of the applications were filed for voting in Bern, 72, London, 69, Toronto, 57, Ljubljana, 48, and Canberra, 36. Until Tuesday, 1,967 citizens conducted insight into the voter list at the regional offices of the State Election Commission (SEC), with most of them being in Bitola, 295, Strumica, 148, Radovis, 128, and Prilep, 104. Ministries and other state administration bodies have been obliged to submit information about finds at their disposal that could be reallocated for the referendum campaign. The government hasn’t revealed how much many it will spend on the campaign.

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