Reformed negotiations Processes needed, Amelie de Montchalin says

Amelie de Montchalin, State Secretary for European Affairs at the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, stated on Tuesday that though the Western Balkans’ European perspective was justified, a reformed negotiations process was needed. Before the meeting of the EU’s General Affairs Council, she said she hadn’t come with a position to defend a veto. According to Montchalin, the negotiations process, about which it is seen that it’s slow and frustrating for candidate countries, should be considered.  As she pointed out, that process doesn’t instil confidence in Member States because it drags on. “We should talk about the reforms Europe should make in its approach towards enlargement negotiations,” Montchalin stressed. In her view, it’s so far been proven that a lot of people left countries during negotiations. France is of the opinion that though the Western Balkans’ perspective is justified, things should be done in a credible manner in order for confidence to be built in the region and Europe. Other politicians, too, presented stands before the meeting in Luxembourg. According to German Minister for Europe Michael Roth, his country has a crystal clear position. “The German position is crystal clear. We support accession talks with North Macedonia and also with Albania on the basis of the vote of the German Bundestag,” he said. Dutch FM Stef Blok reiterated his country’s position, that is, that Macedonia was more prepared than Albania for a start of negotiations. Finland’s FM, Tytti Tuppurainen, said that Europe had commitments to the Western Balkans.  “We also have the enlargement on the agenda and we, as Presidency, we are fully committed to support the enlargement process. So, today, I expect to have a signal to the Western Balkans, North Macedonia and Albania, what Europe is going to do because we have commitments we have to respond to the Western Balkans area,” she stated.