Rexhepi Zejd Accepts Micevski’s ‘Challenge’ for New No-confidence Initaitive

VMRO-DPMNE Parliamentary Group Coordinator Nikola Micevski urged on Tuesday fellow MP Skender Rexhepi Zejd, who’s part of Alternative, not to give up on the deal for a new parliamentary majority to topple the government. As he said, Rexhepi Zejd should choose 19 MPs from VMRO-DPMNE’s Parliamentary Group that will submit, together with him, a new initiative to Parliament for a no-confidence vote against “the SDSM-DUI hybrid regime”. According to Micevski, it shouldn’t matter to the Alternative MP who signed the list because it is more important that with that, “this delegitimised government” will be toppled. Rexhepi Zejd said several hours later that he accepted the “challenge”. As he explained, in principle, he accepts, through a new initiative for a no-confidence vote in which Levica will not be included, to vote against the Government. The final decision will be made by Alternative’s Presidency on Wednesday. BESA Secretary-General Arjanit Hoxha, who’s the Minister of Agriculture, said the party’s three MPs would vote in favour of the no-confidence motion on Thursday.