Ristovska: Information about Developments to be Published on website

“Regarding all current developments, once we have information that we’ll be able to announce to you, believe that we will do so! I believe that there will be information these days also from the Special Prosecutor’s Office that will be published on our website,” Lence Ristosvka of the Office said on Friday. Asked what the future of the Office would be, she said she couldn’t give a specific answer because that was being subject of approximation. She declined to comment on the issue of transfer of cases. PM Zoran Zaev considers that there is nothing problematic with Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s request. According to Telma TV information, Janeva didn’t send a second letter on Thursday activating the resignation and will wait for the Parliament’s procedure to dismiss her to end. Professor Ljubomir Frckoski’s wife, Irena Frckoska, is Janeva’s new lawyer in the Racketeering case.  Friday also saw VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM continue to trade accusations over the case, that is, the former once again said the investigation had been compromised, whereas the latter stated that the case itself and the developments related to Janeva wouldn’t save former state officials from responsibility. “All those cases have to continue to be processed and get a court outcome in order for there to be justice. Everyone about whom it will be proven through an open court procedure that they have acted illegally is held responsible, in accordance with the laws in the Republic of North Macedonia. There aren’t and won’t be pardons for anybody, regardless of their religious, ethnic or political affiliation,” the ruling party’s spokesperson, MP Kostadin Kostadinov, stated, adding that there was justice for everybody.