Ruling Parties: Early Parliamentary Election not necessary

The smaller political parties which are part of the ruling alliance led by SDSM and DUI call upon the government to not resign as a consequence to the decision for determination of date for start of the EU membership talks with Macedonia. “We are strongly convinced that by the end of 2019 our country will start the membership talks with the EU, based on the rather positive report the European Commission issued for North Macedonia,” said the main technical negotiator with the EU Bojan Maricic, expressing optimism that Macedonia’s efforts and positive results in the past period will result with green light from EU. Maricic also pointed out that EU needs to take into consideration the upcoming parliamentary elections in Greece, in which opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis will most probably win, and his government may set some obstacles for Macedonia’s EU integration due to his disagreement with the Prespa Agreement. From NSDP they believe that instead of resignation and new elections, the government should use the time provided till the determination of the date for start of negotiations and combat crime, corruption and nepotism. From the Democratic Alliance they state that the government should proceed with the implementation of reforms, no matter the decision of the EU.