Ruskovska Called before Public Prosecutor Council

The Head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, Vilma Ruskovska, does not have comment for the press-releases by the Appeal Court and the Judicial Court about her alleged interference in the court’s work. Prosecutor Ruskovska shortly stated “I don’t comment other’s standpoints”. The Public Prosecutor Council stated that they have received report by the Appeal Court on the case, and that they will call Ruskovska in for a hearing. After the dispute between the judiciary and the prosecutors, PM Zoran Zaev called for cooperation between the legal bodies. “The standings in society needs to be known, but naturally there should be mutual respect for the work of every actor in the legal proceedings,” stated PM Zaev. The Judicial Council said that they will not protect corrupt judges, adding that few have been dismissed so far. They also explained that they follow the expertise of the preceding judges, but not their economic state, and that they agree to vetting in the judiciary as long as it is performed transparently. Justice Minister, Renata Deskoska assured that the vetting process will not abuse honest judges and prosecutors. “The vetting is not performed by the executive government, but by a joint commission at an expert level in which in many countries participate international representatives as guarantors of the process. I remain on the opinion that it is more important for honest and professional judges and prosecutors, rather than having them in greater numbers while executing their work inappropriately. Those cause greater damages than the damage that would be felt by lack of staff,” stated Deskoska. The Justice Minister refused to comment Ruskovska’s SMS message, only stating that further reforms are still needed in the legal system. DUI also approves vetting in the judiciary and say they believe quality is more important than numbers in such cases.