Ruskovska-Muaremi Reactions After Filed Petition to PPO

Prosecutor for Organized Crime and Corruption, Vilma Ruskovska, assessed that the complaint from the financial police puts pressure on the prosecutor’s office and the court. She told Deutsche Welle that the complaint was sent last Tuesday, just one day after prosecutors began searching the state institution. The fact that the information is shared with the public a week later, according to Ruskovska, represents a direct pressure on their work in the open preliminary investigation. “Given that the petition was submitted last Tuesday to the prosecutor Joveski, I consider its publication now in public as a direct attack on the prosecution and the court,” Ruskovska stated. The President of the Financial Police Agency, Arafat Muaremi, reacts to the statement of the prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska, who claims that the complaint is a direct pressure on the work of the prosecution and the court. “Even when I was writing it, I was aware that Ruskovska would abuse the institute of ‘alleged pressure’ on the institutions, but still, Prosecutor, protecting your rights and the rights of the Financial Police Authority from unfounded and illegal actions and reaction to the competent authorities is mine, an obligation according to the Constitution and the laws,” Muaremi reacts.