SAO Notes Series of Errors in Financial Work About 2021 Population Census

The State Audit Office (SAO) published their report over the financial works related to
the population census that was implemented in 2021, in which they note series of errors
and liabilities in the entire process. The report notes that the census operation on terrain
was implemented with 505 instructors and 4,482 census agents, which is less than the
planned numbers, and that the enumeration of the citizens that were not enumerated in
the premises of the commissions for census regions contained elements which go against
the Law on Census. The report also notes that the authorities conducted a public
procurement for a software for electronic enumeration, but not for self-enumeration, and
that the budget for the census operation was 8.5 million euros, but there was no financial
plan about all expenditures for the census. According to SAO, these elements may bring
into question the credibility of the data acquired with the population census operation.