Sarrazin: Negotiation Framework Cannot be Changed

German Envoy for the Western Balkans Manuel Sarrazin said in an interview for MIA that
there cannot be any further changes to the negotiation framework for the accession of North
Macedonia in the EU. “The framework was already unanimously adopted by all 27 member-
states of the EU, and it cannot be opened or changed again. It represents a sort of a
guarantee for North Macedonia, and that Bulgaria cannot set new conditions for your EU
accession. If there are talks for opening and changes to the negotiation framework, Germany
will oppose that, and we shall stick to the current framework. If you take this chance now and
make the constitutional changes, you will start opening clusters from the accession
negotiations, a process which is not reversable, i.e. it will further secure your integration in
the EU, and Germany is ready to provide you full support,” Sarrazin said.