Scientists from Ex-YU Countries Protest Bulgarian Blockade for Macedonia

A group of historians from the ex-Yugoslavian republics Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia came out with a declaration titled “Let Us Defend History” in which they voice their concerns about, as they state “the abuse of historical concepts in the process for accession of North Macedonia in the EU.” “We harshly condemn the rhetoric of official Sofia, which demand from North Macedonia to recognise that the Macedonian language and identity are an artificial product of the government of Josip Broz – Tito and that they have Bulgarian roots. The superimposing of one-sided interpretations of historical events as the only truth is unacceptable, and also very dangerous. We demand historians in Bulgaria, but also the entire Balkan region, to act with utter professionalism and oppose the cases of abuse of historical science. We also call upon politicians to act responsibly and to not support rather nationalistic claims of certain scientists. We encourage our colleagues from North Macedonia and Bulgaria to oppose the nationalistic and hostile rhetoric and encourage them to protect the dignity of their profession,” the declaration writes.