SCPC files Misdemeanour charge Against MP Kovacev

A misdemeanour charge has been filed by the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption because she failed to observe the legal deadline for informing that her husband had been employed at state-owned JSC “Airports”. In the procedure, SCPC members didn’t found the MP had had influence. In addition, the SCPC has informed the Government to also look into the employment of Kovachev’s husband and four other persons due to suspicion of possible illegalities. The same request will be filed for 36 employments at the Public Revenue Office as well. The reason behind the decision is the hiring of Kovachev’s sister, Katerina Jovanovska, as a tax controller. The SCPC members consider that the Government should check whether these are party employments and whether there was influence during the selection process. When it comes to the appointment of the brother of MP Aneta Simevska, Zarko Simevski, as Acting Director of the Health Home in Makedonski Brod, as the Commission concluded, though the MP has no opportunity to influence, the Health Ministry will be asked to answer why it didn’t publish a competition for the position of Director and whether that is the case also in other health institutions. Moreover, a relevant inspectorate will be notified about employments of two relatives of MP Sasko Vasilev in a school in the Municipality of Vasilevo. Furthermore, the SCPC will ask to City of Skopje to conduct control at the PE “Water Supply and Sewerage” for the employment of Boban Jakimovski and four other persons.