SCPC Reacts Against Claims of First Deputy PM Grubi over Their Work

President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) Biljana
Ivanovska issued a reaction to First Deputy PM Artan Grubi’s interview for Sitel, in
which he voices dissatisfaction with the crime-fighting capacities of the individual
members of SCPC. “Once everything is turned upside down, the bottom becomes the top.
You are right, Mr. Grubi, that SCPC has no capacity to usurp state vehicles for private
needs 24/7, to abuse objects and premises of the state, or to waste state budget funds, but                                                                                                                                                                                                it most definitely has the capacities to respond to its legal duties to prepare and file
numerous initiatives for investigation over state officials, which we still wait response for
from relevant institutions of the state. Apart from this, the European Commission (EC) in
their several latest reports call upon all institutions of the state to heed the warnings of
SCPC and to cooperate with us in the investigations against corruption. The
qualifications of the work of SCPC by a state official, which by the way is currently
subject of investigation by SCPC, is nothing more but a mere attempt to influence our
work and apply pressure over us. We see this as part of an orchestrated campaign
against SCPC, after recently the Office of Deputy PM in charge of Good Governance
Policies Slavica Grkovska levelled accusations at SCPC for contexts in which we did not
mention them at all, and Deputy PM in charge of European Affairs Bojan Maricic asked
SCPC to not notify the EC of a slander charge filed by Youth and Sports Agency Director
Naumce Mojsoski. SCPC has the proper capacity for what needs to be dealt with,
including your orchestrated assaults over us,” Ivanovska said.