SCPC Uncovers Suspicious Cases of Fraud and Misuse of Personal Data

The Anti-Corruption Commission has uncovered misuse of personal data and suspicions of money laundering by bookmakers, while checking tax returns of officials. In the tax return of an official, 20,000 euros of profit from games of chance were discovered, for which he himself was not aware of. The Ministry of Interior, the Financial Police and PRO will investigate such financial embezzlements. “The financial police informed us that this is not an isolated case, that in addition to our report, a large number of citizens reported a number of betting shops with similar content and that they actively act on the reports, and the results of the pre-investigation procedure after notifying the competent prosecutor’s office will be available to SCPC. The Public Revenue Office explained that in that process it is technically and operationally impossible to supervise and control by any institution in the country whether the payment operator enters the personal data of the real winner given that thousands of payments are made 24 hours a day at the state level,” according to SCPC member Goran Trpenoski.