SCPC without Case over Janeva

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) hasn’t opened a case with regard to former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who’s in detention. “We don’t have a case. The case is with the Prosecutor’s Office,” SCPC President Biljana Ivanovska said on Tuesday. Janeva has reported just one change in her asset declaration, that is, a bought second-hand vehicle. Both Janeva and the other prosecutors from the Special Prosecutor’s Office have 30 days after the dismissal or mandate cessation to submit a declaration concerning a change of the property situation. When it comes to the Topolki and Raskovski case, the SCPC is still working on them. However, more time will be needed for the one concerning the Government Sec Gen, according to Ivanovska. The SCPC also looked into the case of education inspector Gjorgji Ilievski. As regards the current MEPSO head, Saso Vasilevski, former ELEM Director Dragan Minovski and another five officials, no elements to determine accountability upon previously opened procedures were found.