SCPC’s Ivanovska in Interview with Sitel TV

In an interview with Sitel TV, State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) President Biljana Ivanovska, commented on First Deputy PM Artan Grubi’s accusations over the institution’s capacity. In that regard, she reiterated that for four years, the SCPC’s work had been positively assessed by the European Commission in the Progress Report because it opened cases against senior officials. “We work on those cases and present our results at public sessions,” Ivanovska stated, describing Grubi’s comments as pressure. The SCPC, she added, doesn’t run away from constructive criticism. Asked about the SCPC, Ivanovska said it had had two vehicles but had returned them because it was unnecessary for there to be additional costs. The SCPC, according to her, has no authorisations for it to have a final effect. “We’re one part of the system,” Ivanovska noted.