SDSM Holds Party Congress, Lukarevska Elected as New Vice-President

Director of the Public Revenue Office Sanja Lukarevska has been elected Vice-president of SDSM at the part congress that took place on Sunday. The party also elected as new Vice-presidents of SDSM Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi and Health Minister Venko Filipce in the place of Muhamed Zekiri and Kosta Petrov, while Education Minister Mila Carovska and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski have been re-elected on this position. In the introductory speech at the beginning of the congress, SDSM leader and PM Zoran Zaev referred to the past period since SDSM came to power back in 2017. “In the past four years, SDSM managed to realise a series of very meaningful state successes, which make our country proud, along with all citizens living in it, Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, Aromanians and all others. Thanks to our bold moves, today we are members of NATO and we are about to start accession talks with the EU. Our country will never make provocations, and will never fall to its knees before anyone. We are not a problem, we resolve problems,” Zaev said.