SDSM: Model for Rotating PM 3+1 Not Discussed at Party Meetings at All

Press services of SDSM and DUI inform that the political parties are proceeding with the negotiations for establishment of the new parliamentary majority and new government. The negotiations are conducted by working groups in both SDSM and DUI, headed by the parties’ Sec Gens, Ljupco Nikolovski and Artan Grubi respectively. In a press release, SDSM deny the claims that they have reached an agreement with DUI for a shared PM mandate of 4 years between Zoran Zaev from SDSM and Naser Ziberi from DUI in form 3 years for SDSM and 1 year for DUI. “This information is not true. We would also like to rebuff the claims about alleged agreements with DUI about appointing specific party members at specific official positions of the state. We are indeed discussing these matters and we mark progress about certain departments of the state, but no concrete conclusion has been reached yet. We are conducting rather constructive negotiations with DUI, focusing on synchronising our programmes. Once an agreement upon these matters is reached, we shall notify the public accordingly,” they report from SDSM.