SDSM opens Call for Presidential Candidate

SDSM opened on Monday a public call for potential presidential candidates for the upcoming presidential election scheduled for 24 April and 5 May. The call for candidates of SDSM lists four criteria that the candidates must fulfil: to have favourable social reputation, to be capable for doing high-profile state jobs, the enjoy great confidence among members and supporters of SDSM and to be a person that in the best way possible will demonstrate the policies of SDSM, focusing on the national interests of Macedonia for integration in NATO and EU. Candidates can submit their bids till 19 February, and the final candidate for President of Macedonia from SDSM will be announced on 3 March. On the other hand, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) announced that they will run with own candidate at upcoming presidential election, instead of supporting the candidate of the ruling alliance led by SDSM they are part of. In meantime, source from within VMRO-DPMNE reported for Makedonska Nacija web portal that among the bids for presidential candidates for the opposition is the name of university professor Gordana Siljanovska.