SDSM: PS Xhaferi to Officially Respond to Our Initiative for Parliament

SDSM announced on Tuesday that they will respect the decision of Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi in relation to their initiative for reassembling of the Macedonian Parliament, but still demand formal response on his behalf to the initiative they filed, signed by 35 MPs. “As MPs, we believe that the least that can be done in this case is for the PS to officially respond to our initiative. The legitimate right of the MPs in accordance with the Constitution of North Macedonia and all relevant laws, cannot and should not be interpreted as a coup d’état. SDSM remains on the position that the Parliament needs to reassemble in order to confirm if the decisions made by the government during the state of emergency are adopted and implemented in accordance with all laws and regulations. It is our right, but also our obligation, to regulate and control the work of state institutions so that they do not overpass authorisations or violate the Constitution,” said Snezana Kaleska-Vanceva from SDSM. The initiative was filed by SDSM in order to have the Parliament discuss the governmental regulations adopted during the state of emergency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and PS Talat Xhaferi said that the Parliament can be reassembled only after successful parliamentary election. The Parliament was dissolved on 16 February for the election scheduled for 13 April, which was ultimately postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.