SDSM’s Central board assembles, Suggestions for new State Officials adopted

The Central Board of SDSM held a meeting on Thursday evening, at which it reached decisions for suggestions of new state officials on positions that remained vacant after the cabinet reshuffle that occurred few months ago. The decisions of the board were presented to the press by PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. “Tomorrow, I shall submit suggestions to the Parliament for the appointment of Nina Angelova as a new Finance Minister. The other suggestions we shall notify the Parliament about are: Elizabeta Naumovska for the position Deputy Education Minister, Kiril Kolemisevski as new Economy Minister and Nedzat Mehmedovic as new Deputy Minister of Political System and Inter-ethnic Relations. We also adopted decisions for appointment of new vice presidents of SDSM: Ministers Mila Carovska, Oliver Spasovski and Damjan Mancevski, MP Muhamed Zekiri, and our newest member, writer and PR expert Kosta Petrov,” Zaev said.