SEC: Contract for Procurement of Fingerprint Scanning Terminals Signed

President of the State Electoral Commission (SEC) informed that he has signed on Thursday the contract with the German company “Dermalog” for procurement of the fingerprint scanning terminals which will be used for identification and registration of voters at the upcoming local election this October. “We are to receive the first 250 terminals by 25 August 2021. Officials from “Dermalog” will conduct trainings for our employees about the manual usage of the terminals, and 150 engineers will be available in the country in case technical interventions are necessary. Their software is also to be connected to our software in order to process the data acquired with the fingerprint scanning. The data we acquired from the Interior Ministry is encrypted, and will be distributed to the terminals right before the election takes place, which means a specific terminal will be used at a given polling station. Once the election day is over, the data from the terminals will be once again encrypted,” Dastevski explained.