SEC Holds Tuesday Session on Parliamentary Elections

SEC decided that they will organize a simulation of safe voting on Wednesday at a polling station where all media will be invited. At the session, it was also decided that the citizens will be able to vote in the elections on July 15 with an expired passport, given that they will be valid until 30 July. SEC member Boris Kondarko also said that citizens would not be allowed to go to the polls wearing masks bearing the emblems of political parties, as this would be treated as an agitation at a polling station which is action prohibited by law. At the session, SEC elected new members in the places of those persons who requested exemption from the OIK or from the election boards. SEC has received a number of requests for exemption from health workers who will be hired on 13 July for the voting of COVID-19 positive persons and for persons in self-isolation. In these special election boards, 300 health workers have been selected. There were 80 justified requests for exemption and 20 unjustified ones.