SEC Publishes Official Final Results of 2020 Parliamentary Election

The State Election Commission (SEC) published on Saturday morning the official final results of the 2020 parliamentary election, after all lawsuits of the parties filed to the Administrative Court of Macedonia (ACM) were processed and rejected as ungrounded. According to the official results, the alliance “We Can” headed by SDSM and BESA won the election with 327,408 votes and 46 seats in the Parliament of Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE won 315,344 votes and 44 seats in the Parliament, DUI won 104,699 votes and 15 seats in the Parliament, Alliance for Albanians and Alternative won 80,000 votes and 12 seats in the Parliament, Levica won 37,426 votes and 2 seats in the Parliament and DPA won 13,930 votes and 1 seat in the Parliament. Of the parties that did not manage to secure a seat in the Parliament, Integra won 12,291 votes, GDU 3,555 votes, MORO Workers’ Party 3,245 votes, Voice for Macedonia 2,800 votes, Single Macedonia 2,600 votes, SDU 2,585 votes, Tvoja 1,894 votes, Democrats 1,558 votes and the National Party of Romani People 1,225 votes. “Having in mind that we held this election in a time of pandemic, I must say that it was conducted in a very peaceful and democratic atmosphere, and that we also managed to protect the health of the voters and all officials on terrain and at polling stations. The only problem we encountered was the hackers’ attack over our software, but we believe that MoI will resolve this as soon as possible,” said SEC President Oliver Derkoski, after which he handed out the MP certificates to the parties that won seats in the Parliament.